Dear friend,

Southeast Denver is a wonderful place to live and to raise a family — and I am running to represent House District 9 because I believe we need leadership that will reflect our community’s values and priorities.

For too long, politics has been overrun by special interests and plagued by ugly abuses of power. But we do not have to accept this status quo.

Right now, Colorado’s economy is booming — but we are not ensuring that this unprecedented growth is benefiting working families. Many in Southeast Denver are struggling to afford basic necessities such as healthcare, housing, college, and retirement — and we deserve a representative who will fight for this community.

I am a mother and a social worker who helps run an early childhood education center. My experiences have only reinforced to me why it is so important to have a representative who will fight for the interest of everyday working people.

That commitment starts right now: from day one of this campaign, I refuse to accept corporate PAC money. As a proud progressive, I also pledge from the beginning to be crystal clear about my values. 

    • Reduce corporate influence in the Colorado legislature by rejecting PAC money.
    • Support efforts to bring healthcare to all Coloradans, including the push for Medicare-for-All and for allowing Coloradans to buy into Medicaid.
    • Stand up for working families by advocating for paid sick leave, equal pay, and portable retirement benefits.
    • Back initiatives designed to make sure that Colorado’s growth guarantees affordable housing, protects the environment and doesn’t price people out of the community.
    • Fight for new protections against discrimination, sexual harassment and religious persecution — and also work to create state policies that protect Colorado communities from Donald Trump’s bigoted agenda.
    • Make education more affordable and equitable by championing measures to make free pre-K a reality and by supporting the goal of free tuition for in-state students at public colleges and universities.
    • Push for new laws that protect the collective bargaining rights of public and private sector workers, and that aim to prevent persecution against workers who form unions.
    • Support measures that protect women’s rights to make their own choices about their own bodies and health.

During this campaign, I want to hear from you — and I hope I can earn your support. We do not have to accept the status quo from the political establishment in the capitol. Together, we can make a difference for Southeast Denver.